What is a Maxi Dress?

With acres of gorgeous flowing fabric, the stunning maxi dress has been an essential fashion statement piece for decades, and is still up there with the best on-trend styles.

Typically form fitting over the chest, flowing loosely from the waist, to, more often than not, gently skim the floor, they’re frequently made from lighter cottons, and floaty fabrics, with large, bold colorful designs – maxi dresses are definitely here to stay!

Known for hiding a multitude of sins, they suit any body shape, and are a favorite in the maternity aisle. Taller women add to their statuesque elegance with a self colored dress, and those shorter in stature look awesome in the highly patterned designs.

Offering extreme comfort and versatility, they can be dressed up for a wedding or night out, or down for the beach, casual coffee morning, or an evening soirée. Everyone should have a selection of these stunning dresses in their closet – there are so many ways to style a beautiful maxi dress.

Try it with a favorite denim jacket, or an edgy biker’s leather for a different look, or wear over slinky leggings in cooler weather. With summer wedges, flat pumps or big, buckled leather boots for a real touch of style, or if you favor the boho look, a silk headscarf in a complementary color adds a touch of the gypsy look.

From flower power in the 60s, through the rocking 70s, the new romanticism of the 80s and the pop trax 90s, the longevity of the maxi style keeps on rolling, and is showing no signs of slowing down – awesome!

Watch this video for more maxi style ideas:

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