What is a Midi Dress?

Interestingly, the hemlines of dresses used to depend on the economic climate of the era, and while shorter dresses were popular during the 1920s, when the Wall Street Crash hit in 1929, hems dropped almost overnight, until after World War II when they began to rise again, to the mini skirt of the 1960s. This is known as the Hemline Index, in reference to the stock market index.

Traditionally, the hemline of the midi dress should be anywhere from 2 inches below the knee to just above the ankles, and our impressive collection includes styles to suit every build and taste. Because the length of the dresses in this category are varied, there is a midi dress for you, however tall of short.

If you have height on your side, opt for a slightly flared dress that ends closer to the knee than the ankle. If you wish to show off your stature, a v-necked dress works well, either in a plain color or print, whereas if you wish to appear shorted, choose a more rounded, less low-cut neckline, and sleeveless. A beautiful silk cardigan would finish the dress perfectly, along with a nice pair of kitten heels, or strappy sandals.

Unless the dress is a heavier fabric, avoid wearing a jacket – except if you’re going to opt for the super, ultra cool men’s-dinner-jacket-over-the-cute-dress look; as far as we’re concerned, this look is never, ever dated – never!

If you’re in the vertically challenged club, pick a dress with a hemline either just below the knee, or just above the ankle, as these are the thinner parts of the leg. Choose a pretty cropped cardigan, and maybe a belt to highlight your waist. As far as color goes, wear the same head to toe as this creates an elegant silhouette, with some accessories to add interest.

For colder weather, the midi dress needn’t be hidden in the closet. Team it with knee length boots, and an awesome well-tailored winter coat, and if it’s particularly chilly, pop your thermals on underneath – no one will know!

The versatile staple for everyone’s closet – smart, comfortably casual, dress up or slouch around the house on a weekend, with a midi dress, you can wear your style with pride.

For more midi dress styles, watch this:

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