Cashmere Sweaters

Our Favorite Cashmere Sweaters In Apr, 2024

Soft as snow, and sleek as silk, cashmere has been valued for centuries for its beautiful good looks, wearability and versatility. Clothing made from this wool is unique in its ability to retain its shape, even after years of wear. So your  sweater from WowFashion will remain looking great for a long, long time. Teamed with jeans, or a corduroy skirt, cashmere brings a timeless elegance to any outfit.

Our team of trusted merchants are a integral part of our fashion business, and provide our a unique selling point. By building a great working relationship, we can feature their best deals on high quality cashmere sweaters.  However, we go one step further and examine every sweater for a number of factors, including:

  • The fashionability of the sweater
  • The sizes available
  • The quality of the workmanship
  • The quality of the cashmere wool
  • The level of care needed eg can the sweater be thrown into the washing machine?

In order to produce an average size sweater, the finest wool from 3 cashmere goats needs to be collected, and farmers groom them in order to gather it – unlike sheep, goats aren’t shorn.

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