Travel in Style – The Best Outfits to Arrive Looking Awesome In


Long journeys can be incredibly tiring and stressful. Sitting still for hours, unable to spread out and switch off, we can feel really fidgety and jittery, and if your chosen outfit is too tight or just not comfortable, any irritation is increased dramatically.

So what are the best arrive-feeling-awesome hacks?

We would always suggest slipping a travel sized bottle of facial spritzer in your bag. This can provide much needed moisture and give you a quick boost during your travels. Wet wipes will do the same.  And while we’re talking moisture, make sure you keep hydrated. Travel can dry out your throat and air犀利士
ways, so drinking plenty can really help.

Also it’s a good idea to wear some comfortable, sturdy shoes – now is not the time to try out those super sexy heels (pop them in your bag for later!). Something that allows you to stretch out your toes and circle your ankles, keeping the blood circulating, and muscles working.

Wardrobe wise, stylish black leggings are always going to be a good choice. Comfortably stretchy, and smart enough to go with anything, leggings are a go-to staple for long journeys. Pair them with a great looking blouse, or a cute sweater if the weather is clement, or choose a gorgeously tailored coat if the temperature is chilly. This is a stylish, yet super comfortable outfit, enabling you to arrive looking awesome. Whatever the reason for your journey, you’ll feel great, too.

Try and relax on your journey. Use an eye mask if you need to switch off – obviously not good if you’re driving, grab a travel pillow, and maybe some earbuds to listen to your favorite tunes.

If you are driving, remember to have plenty of breaks. Park up and get out, stretch and walk around to wake yourself up, and take plenty of deep, lung filling breaths. If you’re traveling by train or plane, get out of your seat, walk up and down the aisles. If you have enough space, flex your shoulder blades, and stand on tiptoe to stretch your calves. These can get painfully tense when you’re sitting still for a long time.

Finally, pack a bottle of peppermint essential oil and if you feel yourself flagging, inhale deeply. The aroma has been found to increase alertness, providing an energy giving buzz that’ll make things easier.

We wish you happy trails!


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